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A Program at a Glance

Mission Statement:

  • Can we sit with hands crossed while 33 crore people in about 300 Districts of India reel under drought conditions.

  • Let us come together to help as many people as we can who are affected by drought


Last year the rains have been deficient in many of the states. Today about 10 states largely in North India are reeling under drought. About 33 Crore people in 300 Dist are facing drinking water problem for human and cattle, fodder for cattle and other problems.

With poor conditions there would be deaths due to heat, drinking water and food in humans and due to heat, water and fodder amongst cattle specially towards beginning of rains.

Impending Crisis and Citizens Contribution :

Government has gone into action , though late. With their capacity Govt will not be able to deal with all human and cattle population. People in remote places, far away from roads, with less clout and away from media eyes will still suffer.

Can we in our own way create a ripple effect ? Yes we can by starting thinking, collaborating , mobilising and acting for the people deprived of a basic needs such as water and food and cattle deprived of water and fodder.

We have about 60 days before and after monsoons when the needs of humans and cattle need to be addressed

What can we do:

We can link the following stakeholders through an IT based platform to ensure communication - between those who have the need ;

- those who want to help at the ground level ;

- those who want to donate for the same ;

- those who want to volunteer their time to help in the process of delivery


The Process to be followed using the IT platform

  1. People who need water/ food / fodder phone a call centre . Any other agency can also register the demand on their behalf
  2. The call centre registers the demand in a software - state, district, block and village wise with a date stamp
  • The call centre will confirm the demand through a detailed phone call later
  • The demands are aggregated and displayed on the website
  • Any Delivery agency - registered body with a bank account ( NGO, cooperative, rotary club, religious org, youth club ) can register and pick up the demand of the village and commit to take responsibility / adopt the same.
  • The delivery agency assesses the demand and estimates the cost of the demand or picks up a standard demand with defined cost
  • Volunteers who want to commit their time can link with the project which has been sponsored
  • Call centre links with villagers to assess if their needs are being met
  • To bring transparency to the system SMS based alerts are sent to beneficiary, delivery agency, donors from time to time
  •

    A collaboration diagram to provide Water, Fodder and Food in Drought Affected areas