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About Us

We are you, the only difference probably is that at this juncture of our life we have some bandwidth available to put our ideas to action. And we have bandwidth to shift your idea and contribute to action.

A group of professionals from software industry and from rural development have decided to explore the possibility of setting up an Information Technology platform to help the people affected by drought through this project.

Some of the names associated with this initiative is:
  1. Yogesh Andlay : An IIT professional with interest in social sector
  2. Ajay Kumar : An engineer involved in Rural Development and Agriculture
  3. Arun Jain : An IT professional who is a leader in Financial Sector in India
  4. Project supported by Compare Infobase Limited

Our Team Members

  • Kannan Naranswamy
  • Dr Upma Diwan
  • Subhash Jain
  • Pavan Gupta
  • Ajay Sahai
  • Dr Uma Shankari
  • Rajesh Pandey
  • Sukanaya Sreenivas
  • Dr Jyoti Prakash
  • Dr Yogesh Kumar
  • Shephali
  • Chitra
  • Devendra Singh Negi
  • Deepak Gadve
  • M/s Swati Dube
  • Jayashree Ranga
  • Ananda Krishnan
  • Sriganesh. R
  • Jayachandar Kodali
  • Archana Jain
  • Virinder Khare
  • SC Jain
  • M/s Bhavani
  • Amardeep Jain
  • Geetika
  • Davesh
  • Kamal
  • Bilal Khan
  • Deepankar
  • Manoj Kumar
  • Simarprit
  • Sharad Poddar