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Paani Maangta Hai
Padalsinghi, Beed District, Marathwada region of Maharashtra

The elderly are most affected in drought. This 65 year old lady is waiting for the tanker to arrive so she can ask someone in the village to help her store 3 pots of drinking water for her, which she uses for 3 days for household and drinking purposes until the next tanker arrives.

You can help...

To make potable water available to elderly people in this village it costs Rs. 3500 per tanker. Donate now through and make drinking water accessible to them. Paani Maangta Hai

The elderly are most affected in drought. Baburao Chauhan has lived in this village for 65 years. He says he has never seen such a severe water crisis as seen in the last 3 years. He says..

"There is no water, no jobs, no crops to grow, youngsters have migrated leaving us here alone. We have to walk 2 kms a day even for a pot of water or borrow water from neighbours."

While the rains have brought hope to the region, rebuilding depleted water sources and making potable drinking water available to these villages is still a distant dream. Your donation will help reach potable water to them.

Where and how can I make my donations?

We request you to register as a donor on our portal or via our call centre at 01243341641 & 01243341648. This will help us update you on the progress of projects to which you are a donator.

Details of the organization receiving your donations are below:


Ullas Trust
Carex Building
244, Anna Salai,
Chennai - 600 006

Account details:

ACCOUNT NO: 50100164679872

Mode of donations:

Payment Gateway ( will be operational in a few weeks )

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Amra Bai Gopinath Chauhan

Ek Tuni Tanda, Aurangabad District, Marathwada region in Maharashtra

In this village, it is the responsibility of women to fetch water for the household.

Amra walks 2 kms for 3 pots of drinking water for her family. Amra says..

"Bukhar ho jaata hai; bacchhe bimar pad jaate hain; paani ka bahut samasya hai". (Children fall sick; we fall sick because of the quality of this water).