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We are you, the only difference probably is that at this juncture of our life we have some bandwidth available to put our ideas to action. And we have bandwidth to shift your idea and contribute to action.

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India is reeling under the impact of a drought, and needs you to step up.

It’s been hotter than in previous years, for longer than maintained in records. Rain-fed regions are water starved because of poor water management strategies. Crop losses are aggravated due to poor crop and intercrop choices. Weak supply chains impact collection, storage, distribution, pricing, and cripple agricultural potential. Rural economies are unable to leverage the potential of value added production and services, limited by resources and the capabilities to create profitable, sustainable enterprises. It’s going to be a while before things get better. The impending arrival of the monsoons is a reminder that focussed change efforts must start now, to take responsibility of our destiny. It’s time to contribute.

Working with carefully selected NGOs and Self Help Groups (SHGs).

The good news is that numerous NGOs and SHGs are already working on the ground, across the country, piloting and scaling up projects that are directly impacting lives and livelihoods. There are concerted efforts in scientific agriculture and irrigation ; water management ; healthcare ; sanitation ; education ; vocational skills development ; and more. The DoGoodNow team works with carefully selected implementation partners, assisting them with the resources they need, monitoring efficacy, using technology to improve programme design, and enabling the spread of successful initiatives to other regions.

If you are an NGO or a SHG, register with DoGoodNow.

The empanelment process involves a review of your organisation background, your project experience, and your future focus areas. Be a part of a nationwide ecosystem where knowledge is pooled and shared, and your contributions recognised. Gain from the ResourceBank™ for your projects. Work in partnership with like-minded organisations. Build your enterprise profile on the Implementation Partner Grid complete with project documentation tools, directories, collaborative rooms, and archival vaults.

If you want make a difference, sign up as a Donor.

Contribute to specific projects, or sign up as a Donor. Apart from financial contributions, there is opportunity for hands-on involvement in various project activities. Mark your presence on the Donor Wall.

DoGoodNow assigns funds to specific projects and oversees implementation by trusted partners. This is a non-profit focussed on social development projects. District and State-level Coordinators review projects across implementation partners and provide inputs for direction setting by the apex lead team and domain specialist advisors.

Last year the rains have been deficient in many of the states. Today about 10 states largely in North India are reeling under drought. About 33 Crore people in 300 Districts are facing drinking water problem. Cattle have little access to water and fodder. With poor conditions there would be deaths due to heat, drinking water and food in humans and due water and fodder amongst cattle.
We have only about 45-60 days before monsoons when the needs of humans and cattle need to be addressed. Government has gone into action , though late. With their capacity government will not be able to deal with all human and cattle population. People in remote places, far away from roads, with less clout away from media eyes will still suffer. Can we , the citizens of India be only a witness to this crisis and do nothing? That will be a sad day when it happens. We plan to link the following stakeholders through an IT based platform to ensure relief : between those who have the need those who want to help at the ground level arranging water, fodder and food those who want to donate for the same This platform will enable the donors link with needs of the population through the help of NGOs and volunteers.

पिछले साल देश के कई राज्‍यों में बारिश कम हुई थी। इस समय भी उत्तर भारत के कोई दस राज्‍य सूखे की चपेट में हैं। 300 जिलों के 33 करोड़ से भी ज्‍़यादा लोग पीने के पानी की समस्‍या से जूझ रहे हैं। यहां तक कि मवेशियों को भी पानी और चारा नहीं मिल रहा।

इन खराब परिस्थितियों के चलते अत्‍यधिक गर्मी, पीने की पानी और खाने के अभाव से कई मनुष्‍य तथा चारे व पानी की कमी से तमाम मवेशी असमय मौत के शिकार होंगे।

मॉनसून आने में अभी 45 से 60 दिन का समय बाकी है, जबकि उसके पहले हमें मनुष्‍यों व मवेशियों की ज़रूरतों को पूरा करना होगा।

देर से ही सही, सरकार भी हरकत में आयी है। लेकिन उसकी सीमाओं के चलते सरकार भी अपने सभी नागरिकों व मवेशियों की बुनियादी ज़रूरतें पूरा नहीं कर पाएगी। ऐसे में, दूरदराज के क्षेत्रों में, सड़कों से काफी अंदर और मीडिया की निगाहों से दूर रहने वाले वंचित लोग तो सूखे से प्रभावित रहेंगे ही।

हम, भारत के नागरिक, क्‍या इस संकट के मूक दर्शक ही बने रहेंगे और कुछ करेंगे?
ऐसे में राहत पहुंचाने के लिए एक आईटी प्‍लैटफॉर्म के ज़रिये हम निम्‍नलिखित भागीदारों को एक-दूसरे से जोड़ रहे हैं -

  • वे लोग जो ज़रूरतमंद हैं
  • डिलीवरी एजेसियां (एनजीओ, एस.एच.जी., सहकारी संस्‍थाएं, युवा मंडल) जो गांव में रहकर मदद करना चाहती हैं
  • वे लोग जो इस सबके लिए दान देना चाहते हैं
  • स्‍वयंसेवक

    यह प्‍लैटफॉर्म / मंच एनजीओ व स्‍वयंसेवकों की मदद से दानदाताओं को ज़रूरतमंद लोगों के साथ जोड़ने का काम करेगा।


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